Activities in September – The off-season is about to start by Lake Balaton!

Jun 29, 2023

Activities in September – The off-season is about to start by Lake Balaton!

Jun 29, 2023

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Summer has ended but the holiday season has not

As the end of August approaches, the change of season is in the air, and the autumn season is just around the corner. But there is more to the autumn than getting busy at work and getting through a long list of to-dos! Countless magical adventures await those who decide to make the most of what an off-season break has to offer. There are loads of activities to enjoy by Lake Balaton in September, including fantastic events, attractive hiking destinations, and even a spot of swimming where the weather still permits it at this time.

School starts in the autumn, so conventional wisdom is that holidays can only be taken in the summer, and September signals the end of the season for relaxation. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. On the contrary, the off-season is a truly special time near Lake Balaton because the weather is good and invites you to enjoy a bit of sunbathing, but now you won’t have to worry about the oppressive heat that can ruin even the most entertaining activities. We have pulled together a couple of ideas below, to get you thinking about the fantastic activities you can enjoy in Zamárdi in September. Read on and find out more about all the off-season fun you will not want to miss out on.


A surprise for anglers

Angling at the campsite

Casting your line into the lake is an essential part of the full Balaton experience. We can all remember fondly the small, neon-coloured fishing rods that gave us our first triumphs as children. Whether you take angling seriously or pursue it only as a leisure activity, you can do so freely from 1 September this year at Mirabella Camping. Unpack your fishing kit and start enjoying some peace and quiet in the brilliant autumn sun while waiting for the fish to bite without even having to leave the campsite.


Off-season relaxation at Mirabella Camping

Enjoy some peace and quiet at the campsite

If you are looking to recharge your batteries a bit before the cool autumn days arrive, September and early October are the ideal time to schedule a break. The campsite is a lot less busy and quieter at this time of the year, so you can rest and recover in peace. You can still put on your light summer clothes during the day, and wrap up in a comfy, soft blanket in the evening as you are sitting around the campfire for a chat or sip an excellent wine from the Lake Balaton region under the stars. Being right in the heart of nature is good for both body and soul even in the autumn, so make sure not to miss this fantastic period for an opportunity to enjoy a replenishing break.

If you don’t like the idea of sleeping in a tent on a cool night, why not try our comfortable and heated mobile houses, or just bring a caravan, whether your own or a rental, and you can start enjoying the perfect break straight away.


Recharge your batteries

If you are looking to replenish your energy stores, there is a whole range of fantastic options to enjoy sports or other outdoors physical activities in September. You can try these right on the campsite or nearby. There are many games and outdoors activities you can enjoy without even leaving Mirabella, thanks to our football pitch, volleyball court, table tennis and bicycle rental options. If you like to start the day with a jog, you can do so in a stunning environment, right by the lake. You can enjoy a leisurely jog or try to beat your personal best while watching the sun set over Lake Balaton.


Culinary experiences at and around the campsite

Mirabella is a great choice for those who appreciate their creature comforts. If you only have a few days to dedicate to a quick off-season break, it’s best to ensure you will find all the important services right where you are staying, so that you won’t have to waste your precious holiday searching for the right place to eat at, for example. Our campsite has a range of great snack bars, a café, an excellent restaurant and even a grocery shop so you can always grab a bite when you get hungry. It’s good to know that a lot of activities around Lake Balaton in September have a grape harvest theme, so there will be loads of culinary experiences to enjoy nearby, too. It is the season for excellent wines to take the front seat, and the local wine cellars are abuzz at this time of year.


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Activities in September


Excursions and water-based adventures by Lake Balaton

There are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy by Lake Balaton in September. You certainly don’t have to give up on water-based adventures, and some activities are even better at this time of year. An off-season holiday is ideal for windsurfing because there are fewer swimmers now, so you can set off to conquer the waves more freely. If you are looking for a more gentle experience on the lake, just pop over to the nearby ferry port at Szántód, and take one of the scheduled rides over to the picturesque village of Tihany on the opposite shore. A boat trip and a walk in the glorious autumn weather is guaranteed to help you forget all your problems and help you return to your busy life completely relaxed.


A family-friendly day of running in Zamárdi

Running competitions are one of the highlights of our range of activities in September because this is the best time to get in some exercise. Saturday, 16 September 2023  will see Zamárdi’s public beach host the “dm Balaton Run 2023” event, where competitors can choose a comfortable 5.25 km run, a slightly more challenging 10.5 km run or even go the whole 21.1 km distance. There will also be a competition for children, where young runners can sign up for distances ranging between 1 and 4 km.


Get a taste of a farmers’ market

A lot of activities in September are all about the gifts of nature, from grape harvest festivals to culinary tours, and even some real treasures on the menu. If you visit Zamárdi this month, you will fund a lovely little farmers’ market in the courtyard of Patkó Büfé (Buffet), open between 8am and 12 noon every Sunday. Make sure you pop by to pick up some delicacies from local farmers, and get some genuine articles from Lake Balaton to full your pantry when you return home.


Book your accommodation for an off-season break

There are plenty of activities and adventures to enjoy by Lake Balaton in September, with the above giving you only a glimpse of the whole range of things to see and do in and around Zamárdi. Make the most of the off-season, including lower prices on accommodation. If you could do with an extra holiday, all you have to do is reserve a great little break by Lake Balaton in the autumn with just a couple of clicks. You can use all major debit and credit cards to pay for your accommodation.