Leisure and sports at the campsite

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Get active at Mirabella!

Mirabella Camping gives a new meaning to enjoying your leisure time because we offer not just an opportunity to rest and relax in perfect peace but also a range of options for active recreation. If you consider holidays the time to get active, play games and have a great time in the meantime, then Mirabella has everything you could possibly be looking for.
Our campsite in Zamárdi has sports facilities, a table tennis table, its own beach, an experience pool and massage services. Water sport enthusiasts can enjoy SUP and windsurfing adventures without even having to leave the campsite. The youngest holiday-makers will love our playground and animation activities. And when the mood strikes you to explore the fantastic hiking destinations and attractions nearby, you can even rent a bicycle right here at the campsite. At the end of an eventful day, there is nothing better than building a fire and cooking together or just enjoying a long chat while sitting around the campfire.

Active leisure and community experiences

The menu of sport and leisure activities available at Mirabella was designed to facilitate shared experiences, relaxing together and enjoying fun activities. While playing any of the many games available at the campsite or spending time using our sports facilities, you will not only have a great time but also build a stronger bond with those you are with, and become an integral part of the Mirabella community.

Water sports and relaxation

Mirabella Camping is located directly by Lake Balaton, where you can enjoy views of Tihany Peninsula every day. This, combined with the many opportunities for water-based leisure activities guarantees an authentic waterfront atmosphere. If you are camping in the off-season, you can still enjoy the water thanks to our heated experience pool. During the peak season, you can rent equipment for the most popular water sports right here at Mirabella, and you can also sign up for windsurfing and SUP lessons.

Experience pool

We have a heated experience pool for you to enjoy during your holiday. Don’t worry about the weather! No bikini stays unused at Mirabella. For more information, contact the Reception.

Your own beach

The campsite has its own private beach, where you can enjoy authentic Lake Balaton experiences. We also have a fenced-off area for those guests who’d like to splash around in the water with their dogs.

SUP and windsurf

Rental and windsurfing instruction
Thanks to the great team at Windsurfcenter, you can spice up your holiday with a genuine challenge. Obtain your windsurfing licence or simply get your first taste of being on the board. You can rent equipment and take part in the classes without even having to leave the campsite. Please contact the reception for further information.


Our team of professional massage therapists are happy to take your booking for a lakeside massage experience. You can enjoy the service right here at Mirabella Camping. 

Sports facilities that will get you moving

Active leisure is about more than just physical activity: having a blast while relaxing is equally important. The sports facilities available at the campsite are always busy, and games do bring people together. So it’s hardly surprising that Mirabella boasts a fantastic community of campers. If you’re feeling energised, try table tennis or visit our volleyball court or football pitch. They are the perfect venues to test your friends’ mettle in a spontaneous match.

Volleyball court

Volleyball is one of the most popular leisure activities by the water. We have the court, all you need is a ball and you can start playing.

Football pitch

Football is a staple among leisure activities. Bring on the playful tournaments! You will definitely find challengers for your team at the campsite.

Table tennis

Table tennis is a universal favourite, enjoyed by young and old holiday-makers alike. If you feel like a game, you can get paddles and balls at the reception.

Experiences in and around the campsite

You can rent a bicycle at Mirabella Camping, and hop in the saddle to explore the nearby cycle routes or visit some of the most exciting attractions in Zamárdi. If you want to test your fitness level, you can also embark on a longer trip. There are plenty of wonderful locations to explore around Lake Balaton.

After a long day spent making amazing memories, why not build a fire at one of Mirabella’s atmospheric fire pits? Outdoor cooking is a classic leisure activity while camping and enjoying nature. You can enjoy a great time together and all of a sudden dinner is ready to eat.

There is plenty at the campsite for young holiday-makers to enjoy. Our superb playground will help them expend any surplus energy, and we also offer fantastic daily animation activities during peak season.

Bicycle rental

You can rent a bike at the reception. Try the BalatonBike 365 app – it will be your trusty companion on any bicycle tours.

Fire pits

All you have to do is enjoy the fireside atmosphere, because everything you need is provided right here at the campsite. You can even rent a cooking pot and buy firewood at the reception.


Our very own playground will offer plenty to do even to the most energetic children. And while the young ones are running around and making friends, their parents can lie back and enjoy a much-deserved breather.