Campsite restaurant, snack bars and convenience store

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Culinary pleasures at Mirabella

When you’re staying at Mirabella Camping, you’ll have access to a range of culinary services right here at the campsite, so there will be no reason for you not to have the perfect holiday. We have an excellent campsite restaurant as well as two snack bars and a convenience store to ensure you can enjoy delicious meals without having to leave your accommodation.

Save yourself the time you’d spend looking for the right venue to enjoy a meal out! Mirabella has everything you may need for a perfect holiday. What’s more, you can enjoy the delicious treats and cold drinks in a beautiful environment, right next to Lake Balaton. Just drink in the amazing views offered by Mirabella Camping while you’re perusing the offerings of the campsite restaurant and snack bars, each one a true culinary treat.

Spájz Bistro:
The campsite restaurant to tickle every palate

Spájz Bistro is an amazing campsite restaurant, which offers a range of mouth-watering delicacies: specialities and old-time favourites alike. The menu is extensive and varied, and everyone is guaranteed to find something on it that they will love. The campsite restaurant has an authentic family bistro ambience, which perfectly matches Mirabella’s waterfront atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, a filling lunch or a light supper, the campsite restaurant has the finest dishes for you to choose from.
Campsite restaurant contact details

Phone: +36301251101


The campsite restaurant treats guests to the traditional flavours of Hungarian cuisine and generous portions. The menu includes both light summer dishes and hearty meals such as stuffed cabbage.


The drink menu is also varied. Spájz Bistro has local wines, a range of beers and pálinka, as well as cold soft drinks to help round out your meal.

Full or half board

The campsite restaurant also offers a full or half board service, so you can enjoy a truly relaxing and carefree holiday.

Your classic Lake Balaton beachside snack bar

Lángosellátó is more than a simple beachside snack bar: it is a genuine icon that lets you savour those authentic Lake Balaton flavours and moods, but in a contemporary way and to a high standard. The menu includes all the tried-and-tested favourites, such as freshly fried lángos, with a selection of toppings for you to choose from.

Lángosellátó contact details

Phone: +36 30 9321 264


You will find everything here that you’d expect from a classic beachside snack bar. Different types of pancakes, lángos, hamburgers, hot dogs and, of course, that Lake Balaton evergreen: roasted hake.


The range of drinks on offer is equally impressive. It includes a wide selection of cold soft drinks, wines from the Lake Balaton region and local beers.

On tap

Lángosellátó has more than just classic holiday dishes to put you in a Lake Balaton mood: their offering of beers on tap will also help ensure a fun experience for all.

Extra care and homemade food

Jégbüfé is run by Rita and Tim, who created an outstanding street food bar, where everyone is guaranteed to find what they are looking for. Tim’s creativity in the culinary arts ensures all their dishes are flavoursome, be it an artisan hamburger or a mouth-watering grilled meat. Jégbüfé is a great place where you will find the finest dishes prepared with great care, exciting cocktails and refreshing drinks, while you’re enjoying a pleasant chat and a genuine beachside atmosphere.

Jégbüfé contact details

Phone: +36209531727


Jégbüfé’s extensive menu includes breakfasts, sandwiches and hamburgers as well as freshly-made salads. Whether you’re famished or just a bit peckish, you will find here what you’re looking for.


Jégbüfé also has a fantastic range of drinks on offer, and it also has a lot to offer to cocktail-lovers. You can take your pick of their many exciting concoctions. They look so appetising that you’ll find it hard not to try them all!

On tap

There is a range of beers on tap, also available to take away. The special beer carrier will save you some trips while getting everyone at your table their drink.

Convenience store

Even if you love the campsite restaurant, the mood may strike you from time to time to enjoy a bit of outdoor cooking or to start the day with a picnic by Lake Balaton. At times like these, you will find everything you need at the on-site convenience store.

If you’re planning to embark on a long excursion, you can pick up all the ingredients you need for a packed lunch at the campsite convenience store. There are many unmissable hiking destinations in Zamárdi, and there are loads to explore in the surrounding area, too. So pack your favourite snacks and dive into the adventure!

G+G Foods, the convenience store, was named after its owners, Gábor and Gabi, who work hard from early in the morning till the evening to ensure you won’t have to go without on any of your adventures. The store always has a selection of fresh bakery and dairy products, fruit, vegetables and sweets. They also have a wide selection of drinks, of course, so you will definitely find whatever you’re looking for.

G+G Food opening hours
Monday to Sunday 7:30am to 6pm

They also accept payments in euro. You can pay in cash or use your debit or credit card.

Fresh bakery and dairy products

Start the morning with fragrant, soft pastries or take your pick from the fresh dairy products, fruits and vegetables. You can find everything here that you will need during a camping holiday.

Cooking at the campsite

If you feel like cooking during your holiday, there’s no reason not to. You can pick up all the most important ingredients at the convenience store.

Drinks and snacks

Being on holiday is about treating yourself. Whether you’re craving savoury or sweet, a fine wine or a cold drink, just pop down to G+G Foods and have a look at their wide selection.