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  1. Mirabella Camping only accepts accommodation bookings through its online booking system (, with the concurrent payment of a deposit set out in the prevalent terms and conditions.
  2. The reservation is only valid if the deposit has been paid. In the cases of unsuccessful payment or non-payment, the reservation will be cancelled. This shall not apply to bookings through our sales partners (e.g.,,, etc.), where the policy of our sales partner applies.
  3. Mirabella Camping’s primary way of communication with guests is via email at Telephone number:  +3630 883 85 72.
  4. We can also provide information about existing bookings through the chat bot on our website (which does not constitute an offer).
  5. At your special request, we can provide a written, binding offer through the channels provided on our website; we will get back to you shortly after you send us your details and you will be able to validate your booking in our online booking system.. Please note that the offer will be based on current available data. The online booking system is always in operation, so the offer will only reflect our capacity at the time of the acceptance and confirmation of the offer. After the offer has been accepted, we will only register and finalise your booking once you receive written confirmation and pay the deposit by the deadline included in the Therefore, it is recommended to decide whether you accept the offer as soon as possible after its receipt, as the vacancy may not be available at a later date.
  6. In order to facilitate contact with our guests, Mirabella Campsite operates a hotel reservation system, which can be found on the homepage of our website (
  7. If you would like to make a booking, please complete all the requested details in the booking system accurately, and make sure you provide correct contact details (telephone number, e-mail address and mailing address). This information is required for bookings, for compulsory data provision, and for the calculation and declaration of local tax.
  8. It is your responsibility to provide correct data for your booking. If Mirabella Campsite is unable to reach you at the provided telephone number or e-mail address, or the contact details are incorrect and we are unable to confirm the booking, we reserve the right to cancel the booking, which terminates your accommodation request.
  9. Please enter any requests regarding the accommodation in the “Comments” box (for example, if you wish to book adjoining accommodation). Please be advised that some services, such as the reservation of adjacent units, involve an additional fee. If you will be arriving with a child/children, please provide the age of the child/children. This information may impact the price. We want you to have complete and accurate information in order to avoid administrative difficulties and inconveniences in the future.
  10. Please check our website to see if there is a separate fee for your various requests (for example, if you wish to book adjoining accommodation). You will always find accurate and up-to-date information at
  11. By booking the accommodation, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our Booking & Cancellation Policy and our Rules and Regulations, and you take financial responsibility for the services used and for any damage caused.

Terms and conditions for bookings sold through intermediaries

  1. Guests who book Mirabella Campsite accommodation through other platforms (online booking portals and travel agencies) are also subject to this booking and cancellation policy, unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of the sales platform.
  2. If there are any discrepancies between the data on other sales platforms and the data on the accommodation’s own website (, the information on the accommodation’s own website is considered prevalent. The accommodation shall not be held liable for these discrepancies or any resulting damages.
  3. The Parties shall always endeavour to settle any disputes deriving from the accommodation contract amicably. If an amicable settlement is not possible, the parties will take legal action to resolve the dispute. Depending on competence, the parties shall submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Siófok District Court or the Kaposvár Court of Law to resolve the disputes arising from this contract, unless the law directs otherwise.

Occupying the accommodation (plot, holiday home, apartment, mobile home, caravan or tent)

  1. If you are unable to arrive on the day of arrival for any reason without notifying us in advance, we will hold the accommodation for you until midnight on the day of arrival. Failure to notify us will result in the evocation of the cancellation policy accepted at the time of booking. Please note that if you arrive earlier, we may not be able to provide you with accommodation.
  2. If you would like to reserve a specific holiday home, mobile home or plot, we may be able to provide this for a surcharge if the desired place is available. If we are unable to provide the guaranteed plot due to technical or other reasons, the surcharge will be refunded.

Mirabella Camping requires a 50-100% deposit for each of the guests booked, depending on the chosen price type.

  1. The deposit can be paid by credit or debit card when finalising the online booking. Information on the deposit amount can be found on the online booking platform next to the prices, and it is also available in the booking confirmation email.
  2. For on-site/immediate bookings, the following conditions apply for deposits:
    100% of the reservation must be paid in advance on the day of booking with a debit or credit card issued in the name of one of the guests included in the booking. The reservation is only considered valid if the card transaction is successful.
  3. The reservation only considered complete if the transaction is successful, and we will send a confirmation email and invoice to the email address provided.
  4. The remainder of the accommodation fee and any additional charges (e.g., waterfront surcharge, extra person surcharge, etc.) and the tourism tax must be paid at the Campsite’s reception upon arrival.

Cancellation Policy

  1. The Cancellation Policy may vary by price type.
  2. Information on the cancellation policy can be found on the online booking platform next to the prices, and it is also available in full in your booking confirmation. (The penalty rate and period is given in relation to the arrival date.)


  1. For on-site/immediate bookings, the following Cancellation Policy shall apply:
    Your reservation cannot be modified or cancelled. Your deposit will not be refunded in case of cancellation.


  1. If you cancel within the penalty-free period, the deposit will be refunded to the account connected to the card used to pay the deposit within 5 working days of the cancellation.
  2. On-site deposits cannot be refunded.

Amendment of Booking; Other Conditions

  1. If you would like to amend your booking before arrival, you can do so by clicking on the amendment link provided in the confirmation email.
  2. It is not possible to shorten the length of your stay after arrival; in this case the full booked period must be paid.
  3. You can extend your stay on-site; however, only vacant accommodation units will be available. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to stay in the same residential unit in case you wish to extend your stay.
  4. Attention! Please note that any extra costs arising from your cancellation can be reduced by purchasing cancellation insurance. For more information, please contact your insurance company.
  5. The resale of accommodation is prohibited. In the event of any breaches, the Accommodation provider may immediately withdraw from the contract. In this case, no refund is due for the accommodation and other fees paid.

Further Information

  1. The campsite’s Rules and Regulations contain important rules that you must adhere to.
  2. Please note that during high season, the campsite’s entrance/gate is closed for vehicular traffic from 11 pm to 6 am so that our guests can enjoy a peaceful stay. This is in place for the entire period the campsite is open. During the above hours, check-ins, check-outs and all vehicular traffic will be suspended.

We reserve the right to make changes.

We look forward to welcoming you, and we will do our best to make your holiday pleasant and relaxing.