Booking conditions

Terms and conditions of booking and cancellation

Method of booking and quotation request

These conditions of booking, modification and cancellation refer exclusively to individual bookings (simultaneous booking of a maximum of 5 plots/holiday houses/apartments/mobile homes/trailers or tents – hereinafter referred to as “units”). The simultaneous booking of at least 6 “units” is considered a group booking where special booking, modification and cancellation conditions shall apply.

Camping Mirabella accepts accommodation bookings exclusively through the online booking system.

We can only give you information via telephone (which is not considered an offer). Within a short period of time after receiving the data by e-mail, the quotation (which is considered an offer) is sent to the caller, who can accept the offer by reply to the e-mail by placing the booking exclusively in written form or through the online booking system.

In order to simplify contact establishment for guests, Camping Mirabella operates a booking system which can be found on the main page of our web site (

We would like to ask our guests with booking intentions to fill in the fields in the booking system exactly and correspondingly, particularly when it comes to indicating contact data (telephone number, e-mail and postal address).

Guests are responsible for the accuracy of the data indicated in the booking. If a guest cannot be reached via the telephone number or e-mail address indicated in the booking data or the contact data turn out to be incorrect and therefore the booking cannot be confirmed, Camping Mirabella reserves the right to cancel the booking which also erases the claim for accommodation.

We would like to ask our guests to enter any questions regarding the accommodation in the column “Remarks”. Guests coming with children are asked to indicate the age of the children correctly.

In the case of bookings by e-mail, we would also like to ask you to indicate the necessary data in the online booking system: name, telephone number, postal address, e-mail. On the phone we can only provide you with information.

With their booking of accommodation, the guest confirms that they are aware of the booking, cancellation and payment conditions, that they have read and accepted our house rules and that they take financial responsibility for the used services and for any damages caused.

In the case of an inquiry, Camping Mirabella sends the guests a written offer which shall not be considered a confirmation. When the offer is acc