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Enjoy a holiday with your pets

A trip with your dog gets the whole family moving, as your four-legged companions fill your holiday with life and make the experience more special. However, in order for the holiday to be a real pleasure for everyone, it is important that the selected accommodation provides a dog-friendly environment. A dog-friendly campsite can be the ideal choice for such a special experience. Mirabella Camping offers an outstanding opportunity in this regard as well, with a unique combination of relaxation, the wonderful Lake Balaton beach and a great welcome for your dogs.

Mirabella Camping is located right by Lake Balaton, so it’s no wonder the picturesque views and superb beach attract many guests. On a pleasant summer day, four-legged friends also yearn for adventures in the water, which is why our unique services for dog owners include a private dog beach.

But we are more than simply a dog-friendly campsite. We know full well that most of you consider dogs as family members, so we also make sure to give them all the attention needed to enjoy a carefree holiday. At Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi, pets are welcome in all accommodation types, whether you’re staying in a tent or caravan, or even in one of our comfortable mobile houses.

So long as your dog is friendly and you, the owners, can comply with a few simple rules, we encourage you all to try going on holiday with your dogs. We guarantee you will have a great time visiting us!

Dog-friendly campsite

You can stay with your pet on a tent pitch, on a caravan plot or in a mobile house for an additional fee. Please make sure your dog’s vaccination record is up to date. If you are staying in a mobile house, an additional cleaning fee will also be payable.

Dog beach

Our fenced-off dog beach is unique in the whole of Zamárdi. It offers four-legged holiday-makers the opportunity to splash around in the water safely, in an area separated completely from the other guests. We have also installed a ramp at the dog beach to make it easier for the animals to enter the lake.

A dog-friendly environment

If you are enjoying a holiday with your pets, a dog-friendly campsite can be the ideal destination. Mirabella is located in a beautiful and large green area, where there is plenty of space for everyone. Dogs find it a lot easier to get used to a new environment and to have a great time if they are surrounded by lots of free space to roam around in.

Dog-friendly hospitality

The campsite also has great venues where you can treat yourself to delicious food and refreshing drinks. During the perfect doggie holiday, you can even do all this accompanied by your pet, who can rest at your feet while you enjoy the genuine camping experience.

Important things to note

Before embarking on this adventure together, it is worth considering a couple of things to ensure a pleasant holiday for all. Please only bring animals to our dog-friendly campsite that are calm, friendly, and have a lot of experience being around people. It is definitely advantageous if your dog (or other pet) has a calm temperament, but you should definitely take into account their unique needs, too. For example, if they do not like being left on their own in a new place, then make sure you do not leave them unattended in a mobile house.
It is also important that your dog does not get aggressive or irritable towards other dogs, because a real dog-friendly campsite will often host more than one furry guest at the same time. Dogs must be kept on a leash at Mirabella at all times, and animals with a friendly nature will find it a lot easier to enjoy a holiday that’s pleasant for all. Please take extra care to look after your pet, especially if they are prone to running away. You don’t want to lose them during a holiday!

The basic rules of enjoying a holiday with your dog

Dogs at the campsite

Mirabella Camping can only accommodate friendly animals that do not have a threatening demeanour, for an additional fee.

Vaccination record

Your pet must be healthy and fully vaccinated. Please make sure to bring the vaccination log, as this may be checked.


Dogs must be kept on a leash at the campsite at all times. Dogs may only enter the lake at the designated beaches. Do not leave your dog unattended in a mobile house for a long period as this may cause separation anxiety (evidenced by barking or scratching at the doors, for instance).

Liability for damages

Please do not allow your pet on the bed or furniture. Owners will bear full legal and financial responsibility for any damage caused by the animal.


We at Mirabella Camping pay special attention to maintaining good hygiene, Please help us keep the campsite tidy, and always clean up after your dog.

Campsite rules

So long as your dog is friendly and you, the owners, can comply with a few simple rules, we encourage you all to try going on holiday with your dogs. We guarantee you will have a great time visiting us!
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