House rules


Campsite House Rules

Observing the campsite house rules is our common goal in order to enable our guests to rest and recreate.

Arrival, check-in

Guests arriving at the Campsite must check in individually before occupying the accommodation. Please present your personal documents containing a photograph to our staff for registration purposes.

Electronic check-in: At the Campsite, as described in the automatically generated email prior to arrival. We send the online check-in information on the 3rd day prior to arrival in email. Dear Guests, hereby we ask you to complete this prior to arrival so that the time spent at the reception can be significantly reduced.

For citizens from outside the EEC (European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) the data required by law (Act II of 2007 and Government Decree 114/2007) must be provided. The Campsite must forward such data to the regional directorate, branch office of the Immigration and Asylum Office.

Parcels can be occupied by our guests from 12:00 on the day of arrival.

Mobile homes/holiday houses can be occupied by our guests from 15:00 on the day of arrival.

Pitches can be occupied by our guests from 14:00 on the day of arrival.

Registered guests will receive a wristband which they must wear during their stay in order to simplify the entry to the Campsite and check their eligibility to stay in the Campsite. The loss or damage of the wristband will result in the payment of an extra fee.

Those who do not wear the wristband in the Campsite may be called upon by Campsite staff and by members of the security service to duly justify their stay.

On the day of departure guests must leave our holiday houses and mobile homes until 10:00, our parcels until 11:00 and our pitches until 13:00, and our guests are allowed to stay at the Campsite and use the available services until 20:00 on the day of departure.

The cost of the services ordered (including campsite fees) must be paid on arrival and we also ask you to pay in advance for the services you wish to use on site.

Before leaving the Campsite, guests must check out at the Reception.

Designating the location of camping equipment and guests’ vehicles is the right of the Reception service of the Campsite, depending on the occupancy and the available camping units.

Tent camping is only allowed in the designated area. The tent camping pitch or the parcel used may be changed with the approval of the reception service.

In case of camping at not the designated location or the use of additional parcels, the security service or the Campsite reception service are entitled to request the guest to occupy the designated area. The Campsite reserves the right to expel the guests from the area who fail to comply with this upon a one-time request and to charge any extra use in accordance with the applicable Price List.


The Campsite has an automated license plate recognition system. Guests arriving by vehicle must check in at the Reception before entering the Campsite and they are allowed to leave if they have settled their current payments. The registered vehicle may stay in the Campsite area until 20:00 on the day of departure which does not mean an exemption from leaving the accommodation. We would also like to remind our Guests that if they leave the Campsite after this time limit, they will be required to pay the price of the daily pass according to the current price list. Should the vehicle depart from the Campsite area on a different calendar day, we must charge also the cur