Reinvigorating spring bike tours around Lake Balaton

Feb 5, 2024

Reinvigorating spring bike tours around Lake Balaton

Feb 5, 2024

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Zamárdi, the place where biking adventures begin


This fantastic little town by Lake Balaton is well known to those who enjoy a good bike tour, because it is the home of prestigious cycling events like Balaton Circuit, which has enjoyed massive popularity for several decades now. But there is more than this grand community event to why this area is such a firm favourite among cyclists. There are countless unique attractions here that make a bicycle trip an unforgettable memory.


Explore the best spots with the BalatonBike365 app

It’s difficult to imagine how we could ever live without the BalatonBike365 app. If you are staying at Mirabella Camping, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the best bike tour routes in the surrounding area. The app makes child’s play of navigation, and it can also help you discover some breathtaking new spots. You can even rent a bike right at the campsite and dive head first into the spring buzz straight away.

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Top 3 favourite bike tour routes of Mirabella campers


Wonders in and around Zamárdi

One of the most obvious options it to go on a bike tour from Zamárdi to explore the southern shore of Lake Balaton. Simply leave Zamárdi and follow the cycle path along the beach. Along the way, you will be treated to some fantastic views of Lake Balaton and you can take a rest whenever you want in the small villages and bathing spots you cross. It couldn’t be simpler to get from the campsite to Kőhegy Lookout, which offers one of the most beautiful vistas around Lake Balaton, including Tihany Peninsula across the lake. If you’re spending your spring break here, you simply have to visit the lookout and take some breathtaking photos. There is also a host of historical monuments and other interesting attractions for you to enjoy on the way.


Zamárdi – Tihany tour

This route also starts in Zamárdi but branches off towards the northern shore of Lake Balaton, all the way to Tihany. There are scheduled ferry rides towards Tihany from the immediate vicinity of Zamárdi, so you don’t have to cycle all the way around the lake to explore this fabulous area. You can take a rest near the Inner Lake, marvel at the seaside vistas offered by Tihany Peninsula, and learn about this historical town and the natural treasures of the neighbouring area.


Zamárdi – Szántód – Balatonboglár bike tour

This circuit starts in Zamárdi, then veers south to cross Szántód and Balatonboglár. On the way, you can take in the beautiful Lake Balaton sights and explore the cultural and culinary treasures of nearby towns. Balatonboglár is well worth visiting to experience the unmatched panorama offered by the recently renovated Sphere Lookout and the treetop walkway.


Unmissable once again: Balaton Circuit 2024

This jubilee edition of the 25th Balaton Circuit is expected to be the greatest cycling event of the year, and is much anticipated by all bikers, professionals and amateurs alike.


Experiences along 286, 206, 140, 76 or 25 kilometres

This legendary bike tour attracts well-prepared athletes, and the longest option of 206 km is a formidable challenge even for the fittest cyclists. This year, you can raise the stakes even higher and try to cover the 216 km length of the Ferry Circuit or, if you are among the bravest of sportspeople, why not sign up for the Shock Circuit, which stretches for 286 km.

Balaton Circuit is not so much a competition as it is a genuine large-scale community event. It welcomes families and amateur cyclists who love nature just as much as it does athletes who focus on bringing their best performance.

Depending on your fitness level, you can choose the much friendlier but still challenging Great Circuit (140 km) or the Small Circuit (76 km), but there is also a family route option of 25 km, which is significantly easier but still definitely not for beginners.

The 25th Balaton Circuit will take place on 27 and 28 April, 2024 in Zamárdi. You can sign up on the official website by Wednesday, 10 April 2024. Preliminary sign-up is already open, so don’t hesitate because after the deadline you will only be able to enter person, at the starting line. Once you’ve signed up for the bike tour, don’t forget to also book your accommodation for the duration of the event. This is one of the highlights of the Zamárdi social calendar, and it always attracts large numbers of visitors, so make sure to book your place at Mirabella Camping early, to avoid missing out on the best places, which are snatched up quickly.


Cyclists’ favourite accommodation in Zamárdi

Spring is the season for bike tours. The clean, fresh air and the first warm rays of the sun draw us all to the great outdoors. At the same time, the heat is not oppressive, and you don’t have to deal with great crowds. There is less traffic on the roads and even at the most beautiful spots you can feel like you have the landscape, Lake Balaton and immeasurable freedom all to yourselves.

Zamárdi is a real hub for cyclists who visit Lake Balaton. It is the starting point for many bike tours, and it is also the home of a range of fantastic events and nearby locations that will give you that genuine spring buzz. If you are looking for accommodation for your spring bike holiday, look no further than Mirabella Camping, the perfect choice.


A campsite for cyclists, where


  • you can stay right next to Lake Balaton
  • you can rent a bike right at the campsite
  • you can make use of convenience services and a range of leisure activities in the downtime between your excursions, including sports facilities, games and water-based adventures at the campsite
  • you will find snack bars and a supermarket without having to leave your accommodation, as well as a great restaurant, which offers generous portions to make sure you are completely re-energised before setting out on your next adventure
  • after a long and eventful day, you can treat yourself to a refreshing massage or sit on your own patio to enjoy a great glass of wine from the Lake Balaton region.


Mirabella Camping offers a range of accommodation types. You can stay in your own tent or caravan, or you can opt for one of our heated mobile houses, each one with its own patio and perfect for resting after a springtime bike tour or hike. Our well-equipped indoor accommodation options have everything you could possibly want. But remember that the best places are snatched up quickly, so book the mobile house of your choice to secure your accommodation for your next springtime adventure.

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