Zamárdi attractions and new things to discover along the southern shore

Nov 29, 2023

Zamárdi attractions and new things to discover along the southern shore

Nov 29, 2023

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Unmissable Zamárdi attractions

Discovering all Zamárdi attractions will definitely take more than a short trip because the area is a true treasure trove of adventures. The town is situated in one of the most picturesque spots on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, and it boasts a range of interesting sights, large-scale events and breathtaking natural wonders around the year.

Come and experience all the colours, flavours and experiences the area offers to make your well-earned days of rest even more enjoyable. Read on to find out more about a selection of Zamárdi attractions that are guaranteed to make any trip to Lake Balaton an unforgettable experience.


Kőhegy Lookout – The perfect spot for taking photos and a true wonder only a stone’s throw from the campsite

The list of Zamárdi attractions includes some breathtaking places to take photos at. You will find one of the most fantastic panoramas along the southern shore a mere 6 minutes’ drive from Mirabella Camping. Kőhegy Lookout offers magnificent views of the blue waters of Lake Balaton and the surrounding hills and mountains. The lookout is also accessible from the campsite on foot, and can be reached in about 40 minutes at a leisurely pace. Kőhegy is the perfect stop to take in the sunset, take photos or to marvel at the town and its surrounding area from a bird’s eye view. You will not only be treated to some spectacular natural scenes but history will also come alive right in front of your eyes. Kőhegy is steeped in a sense of history, and has been inhabited since Celtic and Roman times.


A rush of adrenaline at Zamárdi Adventure Park

If you’re looking for active relaxation and a rush of excitement, make sure to visit Zamárdi Adventure Park. The adventure trails and obstacle courses it offers are not just great fun but also an exciting challenge to children and adults alike. The park caters to all, and is a great place to visit whether you’re coming as a family, a group of colleagues or friends. Zamárdi Adventure Park also offers a great workout because the exciting trails are guaranteed to get you moving. The park is situated in a huge grove over 35,000 square metres, and has a range of activities on offer, so it is definitely worth setting aside a whole day for the visit.


Cultural experiences and exhibitions

The list of Zamárdi attractions includes a number of museums, exhibitions and historical monuments. You can visit the remains of the Avar cemetery or take a trip to the Museum of the World Wars, which showcases a number of artefacts from the two World Wars. There are also a number of attractive little chapels and a church nearby, which are definitely not to be missed during any exploration of the town. In 83 Fő Street, you will find an authentic ethnography house, its rooms furnished with traditional peasant furniture and filled with varied cultural artefacts of life in the countryside.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, there are also a number of seasonal activities and events to look forward to when you visit the town. Join any of them to be treated to great live music as well as the best wines of the region.


zamárdi attractions Mirabella Camping Balaton Szállás


Spend a sunny morning at Zamárdi farmers’ market

The range of Zamárdi attractions make this one of the best spots along the southern shore of Lake Balaton, and you will definitely not get bored if you decide to spend your holiday here. Visiting the local farmers’ market, for example, is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday morning, and offers a truly unique experience. It takes place in the courtyard of Patkó Bistro, and all the vendors are local farmers and small-scale producers from Somogy County.

Naturally, you can’t leave the market empty-handed, and is difficult not to be tempted to buy something. Apart from all the fresh fruit and vegetables on offer, you will also have a choice of local flavours and specialties. After all, the best part of camping is that if the mood to cook something nice strikes you, you can pick up fresh ingredients from the local farmers’ market and cook something outdoors, have a roast over the campfire or enjoy a pleasant picnic.


zamárdi attractions Mirabella Camping Balaton Szállás


Enjoy the ferry ride and visit Tihany Peninsula

There are plenty of Zamárdi attractions to choose from, but the list would not be complete without enjoying a boat ride on Lake Balaton. Once you’ve had your fill of taking in the views of the opposite shore from the beautiful beach at Mirabella Camping, why not visit neighbouring Szántód, hop on the ferry and cross the lake to Tihany Peninsula. The ferry leaves from Szántód, Zamárdi’s twin town, and you can board by car, bicycle or on foot. The trip itself is a great experience and not unlike a boat ride, as you will be treated to beautiful views of Lake Balaton during the crossing. And there is plenty to see and experience on the other side, as well.


Tihany Abbey

Tihany Peninsula is easy to reach from Zamárdi by taking the ferry, so there is really no excuse not to visit Tihany Abbey. The beautiful buildings tower over the lake and its rich historical tradition as well as the fantastic views of the lake it offers make it a uniquely attractive destination. Seen from the abbey, Lake Balaton takes on such an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere that it becomes difficult to remember you are not actually by the seaside.


Kőröshegy Lavender Farm: The flower garden of Hungary

The long list of Zamárdi attractions and adventures means you will always find an exciting destination for a trip nearby. Kőröshegy Lavender Farm is only a 12-minute drive away from Mirabella Camping, and it promises an unmatched experience during the flower harvest. You will be able to take some unforgettable photos of tulips in the spring and of lavenders in the summer, and you can return home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers you picked yourself.

If you are planning a camping holiday for the off-season, make sure to check when the tulips bloom because they are definitely worth checking out when you’re visiting Zamárdi. In the summer, the purple fields of fragrant lavenders cover the sides of Kőröshegy in a magnificent sea of colour.


Outstanding music festival throughout the summer

The host of Zamárdi attractions and events to entertain visitors includes some outstanding local music festivals. Zamárdi is Lake Balaton’s festival capital, and has a well-earned reputation across Europe for Balaton Sound, the annual get-together of those who love electronic music, Strand Festival, which showcases the best of Hungarian pop music and ZamJam Festival, with its line-up of genuine legends. In short, there is something for everyone when it comes to a varied programme of local events. The list of Zamárdi attractions goes beyond local sights and natural wonders, and includes the best that the Hungarian and international music scenes have to offer each year, right on the beaches of Lake Balaton.

Zamárdi is a true gem by Lake Balaton. Its fantastic combination of natural treasures, cultural attractions and fun guarantee a memorable experience. You will definitely find everything here that you need for an unforgettable holiday. Mirabella Camping offers heavenly comfort at the end of a long day as well as the opportunity to try unique culinary experiences, water-based adventures or simply enjoy the many, many extra services and unbridled freedom you’ve been longing for.

Book your accommodation in one of Mirabella Camping’s comfortable, Scandinavian-style mobile houses, come in your own caravan or pitch a tent. Wherever you decide to stay, we have everything you could possibly need for a great time. Just make a list of your favourite activities, and you’re ready to start your amazing summer holiday in Zamárdi!