A trip to Tihany – Introducing Mirabella campers’ favourite day trip destination

Feb 25, 2024

A trip to Tihany – Introducing Mirabella campers’ favourite day trip destination

Feb 25, 2024

Tihany Balaton Mirabella-Camping Zamárdi

“Where the sky, the earth and the water meet”

The picturesque village of Tihany is one of the true gems of Lake Balaton. In the words of Anna Karády, author of The Girl From Füred series, “the sky, the earth and the water meet” here, and this unique encounter, along with the almost tangible richness of local history create a truly unmatched atmosphere. This fantastic place has special significance in the everyday life of Mirabella Camping because the campsite offers unparalleled views of the Tihany Peninsula.

The peninsula rises towards the sky just across the lake from the campsite, offering breathtaking backdrops for taking photos and inviting campers to embark on a real-life adventure. A day trip to Tihany is an unmissable experience, with each moment guaranteed to far exceed your wildest dreams. Read on for a detailed introduction to this unique place and some insider tips for exploring it.


Exploring the peninsula: A beautiful trip starting from the campsite

Zamárdi and Tihany have a strong link with each other, and not just because of the beautiful, beckoning views. Szántód ferry port is situated close to the campsite, making it very easy to cross the lake. Hop on one of the scheduled ferries in Szántód, and make the trip part of the experience. Thanks to the ferry service, you can decide whether you want to explore Tihany Peninsula on foot, cycling or driving.


Tihany Szántód ferry


If you’re planning on making it a day trip, you’d better set off in the morning. Make sure not to skip breakfast though! You can pick up the ingredients for a packed lunch at the campsite grocery store.


The Benedictine Abbey of Tihany

“Tihany… The place where the sky, the earth and the water meet. The twin towers of the abbey standing on the rock rise up proudly, pointing the way to boats and people alike…

It would be a mistake to think the ancient walls hold nothing but relics. Knowledge lives, flourishes and grows within the silence of Tihany. This is a place where miracles are preserved and secrets are hidden away…

The Abbey faces the east so that its towers greet the glowing disc of the rising sun every morning.” (Anna Karády)


Tihany Lake Balaton Mirabella Camping Zamárdi


Once you’ve reached Tihany, make your way to the Abbey. This crowing jewel of the peninsula is a good forty minutes’ walk from the port. If you’re riding your bike, the trip will take about ten minutes and if you’re driving, you’ll be there in the blink of an eye. Bear in mind, though, that it may be difficult to find a parking space during peak hours. If you feel like a bike tour, you can even rent a bicycle at Mirabella Camping.

When you make it to the old town, it’s just a matter of walking uphill for a bit and climbing a few steps before you arrive at Tihany Abbey, officially known as the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany, one of Hungary’s pre-eminent historical and cultural treasures. The significance of this unique place goes beyond its history. To this day, it continues to be an important religious and cultural hub in the region, and its rich past and beautiful surroundings attract a large number of visitors.

Explore the building or spend some time nearby and enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake. The Abbey is open to visitors around the year; you will need to buy a ticket to enter. Although it is a working church, the building also hosts a museum, temporary exhibitions and a range of cultural events.


Unique experiences on Tihany Peninsula


La dolce vita and azure waters

There is an unmatched patisserie with a history reaching back over 60 years tucked away by a hidden flight of steps right at the feet of Tihany Abbey. It offers fantastic views as well as a range of delicious dishes and dessert specialties. The views from Tihany are the most beautiful in the spring. Even the water is a different colour at this time of year, provided the sky is clear. Rest your eyes on the inimitable blue of Lake Balaton, and make some unforgettable memories.


Enchanting fields of lavender

Tihany is now almost synonymous with lavender, thanks to the astonishingly beautiful lavender fields surrounding the old town. If you have the time to spare for a longer excursion, make sure to visit the lavender plantations when they are in blossom.


Tihany Balaton Mirabella-Camping Zamárdi


The atmospheric streets of the peninsula boast a large number of charming little shops where local producers and artisans offer their wares and lavender-based products for sale. This unique plant has a range of uses. You are sure to find lavender essential oils and soaps, dried flowers and a range of cosmetics, but Tihany is also home to various snacks and culinary specialties made from the flower, including lavender ice cream.


Find peace at Inner Lake

In addition to the lavender fields, the peninsula also boasts a number of unique natural formations to attract hikers. Inner Lake is a magical hiking destination, and a popular spot among anglers. You can even go boating or swimming in it.


Mirabella, the place to make lasting memories

After a busy day filled with new experiences, take the ferry back to the southern shore. You can take a rest at Mirabella Camping and even enjoy a fine dinner at the campsite restaurant. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a hearty and delicious meal while reminiscing about all the new memories you made. The fantastic views of the peninsula that you can enjoy from the campsite will stay with you for every day of your stay with us.

If you got into the mood for an exciting exploration, do not hesitate to book your accommodation: Zamárdi and Mirabella Camping can’t wait to welcome you! Booking is easily done online in just a few minutes, and the memories you’ll make will last a lifetime. All it takes is a few clicks to select your preferred dates, and you can pay for your accommodation using your debit or credit card later. Come, take a load off by Lake Balaton, and enjoy the countless fantastic trips you can go on.