Beaches are open at Lake Balaton – safety first

May 19, 2022

Beaches are open at Lake Balaton – safety first

May 19, 2022

strand Balaton - Mirabella Camping lake Zamárdi

Lake Balaton is always great to visit, and it has great beaches for the summer. This is when the shores are teaming with bathers. During the main season, hundreds of thousands of visitors a day will bathe in the lake; however, the open waters have many dangers, so you always have to be careful. If you follow the rules and safety regulations, you will have a great holiday and you are likely to avoid any accidents.

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Be aware of your own abilities!

Teenagers are especially prone to feel braver than they should and enter deep waters despite not being able to swim at all or not being confident swimmers. Those who can’t swim shouldn’t go far from the shore on inflatables or SUPs, as they can easily flip over and if there is no help nearby, it can lead to tragedy.


Open waters are different from the beach

Open waters can catch even the best swimmers off guard. Swimming in the still water at the beach is easier, so let’s not forget that Lake Balaton is a little different. It can save lives if you don’t swim far from the shore on your own. If you want to be really careful, only swim in areas where immediate help is available, should you get tired, sick or less confident in the water for any reason.


Direction indicator buoys

Those, who cannot swim must always follow the rule not to go any further than the buoys in the water. Buoys indicate the depth of the water and legislation on bathing states that furthest bathers are allowed to swim from the shore without an accompanying aquatic vehicle is 500 metres from the shore on the northern and western shores of the lake and 1000 metres on the southern shores.

Furthermore, there are certain areas where bathing is prohibited for reasons of safety. These include sailing routes and buoys indicating sailing obstacles, areas within 100 metres of large ships, weirs and other aquatic artefacts, areas within 100 metres of ferry crossings, ports and docks, loading areas, courses for aquatic motor vehicles.


Storm alert

There is a storm alert service from 1 April until 31 October with signals clearly visible from all beaches. There are boards providing information on how this works, and everyone must acknowledge these signals and act accordingly. Please pay special attention to the storm alert system and leave the water if there is an alert for storms.

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beach Balaton - Mirabella Camping lake Zamárdi

Mirabella Camping has its own waterfront and beach.


Do not jump into the water headfirst!

Young people like jumping in the water from pedalos. Please note that the water at the southern shore of the lake is shallow and unpredictable. There may be sand plates in unexpected places.


It is very dangerous to jump headfirst into shallow water, as you can hit the bottom of the lake, which can lead to serious injuries.


Heatwave on the beach – Don’t get dehydrated

The heat can take its toll even on young people, while it may cause serious illness for older people. In order to avoid accidents, it is better to spend the hottest part of the day in the shade. It is also important not to jump into cold water when you are very hot, as it can lead to your heart stopping. Always take plenty of fluids to the beach. Children should be given fluids every 30 minutes.

It is best to refrain from drinking alcohol in the heat, as alcohol will also dehydrate you.


What do you need to pay attention to at the campsite?


Using the beach at Mirabella Camping

It is PROHIBITED to swim at night or when there is limited visibility, except when the water surface is illuminated and only in shallow water.

The bathing area is marked by 5 50×50 cm buoys. The start of the deep water is marked by 3 depth indicator buoys at 120 cm depth. It is in your best interest not to swim any further than this unless you are good swimmer.

Never leave a child unsupervised in the water or near the water. Parents and supervising adults are always responsible for their children’s safety. There have been accidents that resulted from carelessness; therefore be extra careful with children under 6 and children under 12 who cannot swim.

Do not visit the beach if:

  • you suffer from fever, gastrointestinal disease or an infectious skin condition,
  • you suffer from illness which may cause cramps or losing consciousness,
  • you are afflicted with extensive pathological abnormalities,
  • you are drunk or under the influence of drugs.

You can find the campsite’s rules here »

If there is an accident, call 112 or dial 104 for the ambulance service. First aid is available at the reception and at the lifeboat station. A first aid kit is available at the first aid station. Other emergency services can be called from the first aid station free of charge.

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