Balaton Sound 2024 – Your wish can come true!

Nov 7, 2023

Balaton Sound 2024 – Your wish can come true!

Nov 7, 2023

Balatonsound 2024 Mirabella Camping Zamárdi Balaton

Balaton Sound 2024 – The greatest party of the year in Zamárdi

Balaton Sound has been considered one of the best music festivals in Central Europe for many years, and it certainly looks like it’s set to earn that reputation yet again in 2024. We fully expect the event to turn the world upside down once more with its fantastic atmosphere, high-quality services and a world-class line-up of performers. What’s more, all this is brought to you in Zamárdi, one of the most beautiful spots around Lake Balaton. Those who love electronic music are right to get excited in anticipation of Balaton Sound 2024 because there are already some rumours flying about on the line-up at Balaton Sound 2024. Following their best traditions, the organisers have once more set out to make your dreams come true and let you meet all your favourites at the biggest waterfront party of the year.


Use the wish machine and meet your favourite stars!

Do you already have a wish list of who you want to see on the stage at Heineken Balaton Sound 2024? Then all you have to do is select your 5 favourite performers so that the organisers can bring you the best and most popular stars. Use the HEINEKEN BALATON SOUND 2024 WISH MACHINE and you can play a part in designing the programme for the year’s biggest music festival.

Just enter your age, the country you’re visiting from and your top 5 favourite musicians, and your opinion will be shared with the organisers of Balaton Sound 2024 right away.


balaton sound 2024 Mirabella Camping Zamárdi Balaton

Everyone is excited about the line-up, but there is more!

Balaton Sound has always been a major platform for the best DJs and performers of the world, and 2024 will be no different. The organisers do everything possible to put together an amazing line-up for us, but there is more to what makes the festival such a unique experience, namely the location. You can let your hair down and enjoy these unmatched parties in Zamárdi, right on the beach of Lake Balaton. The fantastic environment, the sunsets, the water-based adventures and all the activities Lake Balaton offers are what make this festival truly one of a kind. There is no disputing the fact that attending Balaton Sound is also a holiday in its own right.

The list of performers is yet to be confirmed, of course, but one thing is for certain: the atmosphere and the experiences will be on par with previous years. Balaton Sound is one of the few major music festivals that keeps up with changing guest preferences and can renew itself while staying true to its original spirit and the unmatched sense of freedom that characterise electronic music. It should come as no surprise, then, that Early Bird tickets are already on sale even though the line-up is still being finalised.

If you’ve never attended the festival before and want to share in the unparalleled atmosphere that attracts so many visitors, check out the gallery and imagine being swept up in the magic of this summer festival.

If you have been here before and are planning to be a part of the crowd at Balaton Sound 2024, then it’s high time to act. Options are running out as the date gets closer! Tickets and the best accommodations are being snatched up quickly.


Festival season at Mirabella Camping

Balaton Sound keeps all of Zamárdi up all night, and Mirabella Camping becomes a unique chill zone at this time of year because many of you like pairing unlimited partying with outstanding comfort and a peaceful place to stay, which is exactly what we offer. There is nothing better than recovering in this quiet and idyllic place while you’re preparing yourself to take in all the next day has to offer. A relaxing night’s sleep, a refreshing shower, the culinary wonders of Mirabella Camping and the many other convenience services will all help you make the most of Balaton Sound 2024.

Balaton sound 2024 Mirabella Camping Zamárdi Balaton

Why choose Mirabella Camping?

Mirabella offers a balance of comfort and the authentic festival atmosphere. If you’re staying at another type of accommodation, it is easy to lose the festival groove because buildings, such as a traditional holiday house can really diminish the sense of outdoor fun. With us, you can enjoy your relaxation time right in the heart of nature, but you will also have access all the services you need to stay comfortable. If you put a prize on quality rest even during a festival but you also love unbridled freedom, then you are in exactly the right place.

Save the date: 3 to 6 July 2024. Don’t miss out on the best accommodation options. There is already great demand for places at Mirabella Camping for the duration of Balaton Sound 2024. Book your accommodation simply online, and in just a few clicks you can secure the best place to stay for the best adventure of this summer!