Mirabella campsite – Together in Zamárdi

What it’s like to belong to a fantastic camping community

Apr 15, 2024

Mirabella campsite – Together in Zamárdi

What it’s like to belong to a fantastic camping community

Apr 15, 2024

Mirabella Camping Zamárdi - közvetlenül a starndon

The power of shared experiences

The community of Mirabella campsite in Zamárdi mostly rests on the foundation of shared experiences. The camping lifestyle has always attracted those who love nature and freedom, and Mirabella provides these as well as a range of extra services and a genuine sense of community.

The campsite is a leisure space that has a true community feel to it, and where you can share in the relaxing experience of and all the fun a fantastic holiday by Lake Balaton has to offer.

The campfires, lakeside walks and long, lazy conversations create a unique atmosphere that will enrich all participants with unforgettable memories. All you need for complete comfort is within reach at the campsite, whether your primary focus is leisure facilities, culinary experiences, sports or the possibility to explore untrodden paths in the surrounding area.

Read on to find out more about what makes this place so loveable and what it feels like to belong to the Mirabella campsite community, which is brought together by enjoying life and a love of nature.


Mirabella campsite in Zamárdi means community

Our shared values

Mirabella can be more than just the venue for a fantastic holiday. Thanks to the vicinity of the beautiful lake, it can also be a place where you find perfect harmony with nature.

Naturally, the camping community is united in its love of nature, spending quality time together and a commitment to active recreation. This is probably why we have so many regular guests and why we so often feel like our hearts are beating as one.


Spending quality time together

The camping lifestyle is full of frolicking, games, fun, adventures in the water, laughter and many, many pleasurable activities.

It’s these experiences and engaging in active recreation and sports together that bring people together and forge the Mirabella campsite community.

The resort offers plenty of opportunities to share these experiences with each other.

You can enjoy a carefree game of volleyball, football or table tennis, or prove yourself a true athlete. Thanks to our guests who are never afraid to take the initiative, individual challenges often grow into impromptu tournaments.

If you love sports, you don’t have to check it when you enter the water, either. As the summer season approaches, the campers at Mirabella start building a genuine lakeside atmosphere.

Thanks to the expert team at Windsurfcenter, you can hire windsurfing or SUP equipment, or even sign up for a course right here at the campsite.


Mirabella Camping Zamárdi – Windsurfcenter

Friends to animals

Mirabella Camping is an animal-friendly community that welcomes pets as guests in their own right. You can share the great atmosphere and comfort here at the campsite with your four-legged friends as well as with each other.

If you’d like to spend your holiday in home-like comfort, you can opt for a mobile house, and you don’t even have to leave the dog at home because they can join you in this accommodation type, as well.

The Mirabella campsite community has lots of animal-lovers and owners because four-legged guests are more than welcome to share not just in the comfort but also in the best of lakeside adventures. Mirabella Camping has Zamárdi’s only, ring-fenced dog-friendly beach, so no one will have to miss out on the full Lake Balaton experience.


Mirabella Camping Zamárdi – Dog-friendly beach

Family holidays are a message for future generations

Camping holidays carry an important message for future generations. You may have never considered that whenever you bring your children and family to Mirabella, you are showing them an example of how to spend their free time and how the beauty of nature should be treasured and preserved.

Children can learn a host of important lessons during a camping holiday. The whole family will be enriched with memories that will last a lifetime, because children will spend each day at Mirabella Camping with a variety of fun activities.

We have a great playground for the youngest holiday-makers, which is guaranteed to entertain even the most energetic children. During the peak season, there are loads of exciting activities for the children hosted by Lake Balaton’s favourite team of animators, the Animacik.


The variety of experiences

Be inspired by the Mirabella campsite community

The Mirabella campsite community in Zamárdi guarantees a great atmosphere and can also provide inspiration for new adventures.

Campers are always happy to share their best camping tips and tricks, fantastic hiking spots and all their experience that can help make your holiday even more memorable.


Tips for hikes

Zamárdi and the surrounding area have loads of attractions, unmissable hiking spots and exciting experiences. Whether you feel like going for a hike, trying your hand at a water sport or simply to enjoy local culinary delights, Zamárdi and the area around the campsite have everything you need.

The town is situated along one of the most beautiful beaches of Lake Balaton. You can stay at the campsite and drink in the exceptional views of the Tihany Peninsula or climb up to Kőhegy Lookout and enjoy the beauty of Zamárdi from up high.


Join us on the beaches of Lake Balaton

Booking your accommodation at Mirabella Camping

If you want to be part of the Mirabella campsite community and enjoy all that this fantastic resort in Zamárdi offers, do not hesitate to book your accommodation at Mirabella!

The friendly atmosphere and wide range of amenities available at the campsite are guaranteed to make your holiday by Lake Balaton unforgettable. You can book your accommodation online in just a few clicks, and it will be confirmed as soon as you pay the deposit using your debit or credit card.

Come, join us on the beaches of Lake Balaton, take a holiday in Zamárdi, and become part of the fantastic atmosphere created by the Mirabella campsite community!