Holiday at Mirabella – Our top tips for the perfect camping experience

Feb 18, 2024

Holiday at Mirabella – Our top tips for the perfect camping experience

Feb 18, 2024

üdülés Mirabella Camping Zamárdi Balaton

Destination: Mirabella Camping, Zamárdi

Are you champing at the bit to start the summer? Or do you simply feel like taking a break and recharging your depleted battery with a pleasant spring getaway? You can visit Lake Balaton at any time: Mirabella Camping Zamárdi welcomes holiday-makers and adventurers between 19 April and 29 September. You will find everything here that you could possibly need for a fantastic break. Read on for a few useful tips and some inspiration for the perfect camping experience.


Camp like a pro

Modern campsites are one of the best ways to enjoy your holiday because they get you out of your comfort zone and offer many new experiences, but you won’t have to give up on convenience and pampering at all. In order to make the most of your time at Mirabella, acquire a few essential pieces of equipment and familiarise yourself with the wide range of options offered by our campsite.


Pick the accommodation type that’s right for you

Mirabella Camping offers three different types of accommodation to suit every guest’s preferences.


Beachside plot at Mirabella Camping Zamárdi, right next to Lake Balaton


Mobile houses

You don’t have to miss out on camping experiences even in the off-season. Our heated mobile houses promise comfortable sleep even when the spring nights get a bit chilly.

Our top tip: Most people opt for weekend breaks in the spring, but if you can take a day or two off during the week, it’s well worth enjoying a spontaneous camping experience because you will find the campsite a lot quieter and in the dazzling sunshine you will truly feel like you have Lake Balaton all to yourself.


Caravan holidays

The caravan lifestyle is like none other. If you yearn for a sense of freedom and want to maintain your personal space during your holiday, a caravan holiday may just be what you’re looking for. If you don’t own a caravan or motor home but want to experience this unique adventure, simply rent one and drive down to Mirabella Camping, situated on one of the most beautiful beaches around Lake Balaton.

Our top tip: You can pick a special plot for your caravan holiday. Choose a beachside plot and you can have the lake right on your doorstep. Comfort plots allow you to have your own sanitary block in your caravan, and we even have extra-large plots for you to enjoy.


Tent holidays

A tent holiday provides the quintessential camping experience, but it is worth preparing for it properly. A well-designed set of camping equipment will make you the envy of the entire beach, and will also make sure you can enjoy a fully relaxing experience that recharges your batteries. The best part of staying in a tent is that you can get in touch with nature, rediscover your own pace and experience a new level of freedom.

Our top tip: Tent holidays begin as soon as you start preparing for them. Build your own list of the most important camping equipment and obtain everything you need. If you’re bringing a new tent, try pitching at home first so that you can do it smoothly by the time you’re on holiday. Don’t worry even if you can’t do that, though: the Mirabella community are always on hand. There is always a kind volunteer or two to help you pitch your tent or lend a useful tool you have forgotten to bring.


The basic camping holiday kit


Tent holiday for beginners



A cool tent is one thing you will definitely need. Consider your requirements. Are you coming with a significant other, friends, the whole family, or even bringing your dogs? Pick a tent size that suits your preferences and holiday habits. It’s well worth spending the money to buy a good quality tent that will last you much longer and give you a lot more joy. There is a host of options these days, and it’s up to you which one suits your style. Whichever type you choose, however, make sure it is easy to pitch and waterproof.


Everything you need for a good night’s sleep

Equipping your tent is a key step in preparing for a great holiday. A good quality groundsheet can help mitigate any unevenness on the ground. Then come your mattresses, which may be made from foam or you can pick a clever self-inflating model. A small pillow always comes in handy to make sure you can wake up refreshed in the morning. A light thermo blanket is also a great addition, though some swear by sleeping bags. If you go down that route, pick one that suits the season. These days, it is also possible to buy all kinds of equipment that will offer a truly luxurious experience during your tent holiday.


Hygiene kit

A complete hygiene kit is an essential piece of equipment. Make sure it contains personal care items, sticking plasters, hand sanitiser and medicine, but don’t leave out the mosquito repellent and sunscreen, either.




Utensils for campsite cooking

Mirabella Camping has a well-equipped kitchen and outdoor fire pits, and you can also borrow a pot for some outdoor cooking if you wish. This means you only need to bring any extra kitchen equipment you want to use, be it a portable coffee maker, professional BBQ or your prettiest picnic set.


Beach equipment for splashing around

Make sure to bring your inflatable unicorn or other rubber animal with you to your holiday at Mirabella. It will look great in the photos and all the colourful wonders make the water look like a page out of a fairy tale. Don’t forget about the waterside essentials, either, like a beach towel, a floating mattress, toys and games and all the sun protection you need.


Hiking and sports equipment

When going on a camping holiday, you should pack clothes and shoes for sightseeing in town as well as comfortable gear for hiking or playing sports.

Mirabella has a football pitch and a volleyball court, so don’t leave your comfortable clothes at home so as not to miss out on making the most of the opportunities for a bit of active relaxation.

Also remember to bring clothing for water sports. There are plenty of options to conquer the waves without even having to leave the campsite. You can hire windsurfing and SUP boards at Windsurf Centre, or even sign up for classes and obtain your windsurfing licence during your holiday.

If a cycling tour is more your cup of tea, you can rent a bike at the campsite, so all you need is the right comfortable clothing and you can hop in the saddle and start exploring. There are plenty of exciting attractions and hiking spots in and around Zamárdi. You can take the ferry to cross the lake and discover the picturesque Tihany Peninsula, or take a walk to Kőhegy Lookout to enjoy fantastic vistas of Zamárdi.


We’re going on a doggie holiday!

If you are bringing your four-legged friend with you to the campsite, don’t leave the necessary accessories at home. Bring a lead and a muzzle, and make sure you have the up-do-date vaccination log with you, too. Pack everything else your dog will need to stay comfortable, such as a bed, bowls for eating and drinking and toys to have fun together. Mirabella Camping is dog-friendly accommodation, and operates the only dog beach in the whole of Zamárdi.


Enjoy the extras – Services at the campsite


All you can eat (and drink)

When it comes to food and drink, it is no exaggeration to say that Mirabella is a genuine gastro campsite. We offer a range of high-quality options right on your doorstep. Choose from the superb restaurant, bar, café, beachside snack bar and supermarket. All of them are stocked with delicious food and cold drinks to make you feel truly pampered.


Wellness experiences and camping

Mirabella is a special place that also offers a range of wellness services. The heated experience pool is a great place to relax even in the off-season. You can also book a refreshing massage session if you wish, which reinvigorates both body and soul.


Mirabella is a paradise for kids

The beach, the experience of being so close to Lake Balaton, the pool, campfires, unbridled freedom and the joy of being together guarantee that you will find everything you may need for a great family holiday. We pay special attention to keeping the children entertained because we know how important it is that that they have fun things to do throughout the holiday so that the whole family can enjoy themselves. The campsite has a fantastic playground and regular animation events, so young holiday-makers will have plenty of games and other fun activities to choose from.


Book your accommodation early

The secret to the perfect camping holiday is to prepare everything you will need in advance, and to book the type of accommodation that best suits your preferences. Don’t miss out on the most exciting holiday of your life! Book early to secure your preferred accommodation at Mirabella Camping. It only takes a few clicks to make a booking, and you don’t even have to pay a deposit. You can settle the bill later, using your debit or credit card. Click on ‘make a booking’ and get planning your holiday!