You make the Zamárdi camping community work

Feb 12, 2024

You make the Zamárdi camping community work

Feb 12, 2024

Zamárdi kemping Balaton Mirabella Camping strand

Mirabella, where it all comes together


The Zamárdi camping experience is full of occasions when you look around you at the people you’re with and are suddenly struck with a feeling that this is exactly the kind of moment you wanted to experience, and life is as it should be. The team at Mirabella works hard every day to help these perfect experiences come to life. We love the sense of freedom with which you, our guests, fill the beaches of Lake Balaton year after year.


A Zamárdi camping site that we created together

We have a wide range of services at your disposal, as well as a superb location that we keep working on and improving so that it can fully satisfy your requirements. Still, it is the community of camping guests who return to visit us each year that makes the unique Mirabella atmosphere what it is.

It is you, the windsurfers, dog lovers, families and groups of friends, loving couples, classmates and colleagues who create thus unique community and liberated atmosphere. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, join us in getting into gear for the coming holiday season. In this article, we’ve pulled together a bit of inspiration for planning your next trip to Mirabella, and we’ll also share all the new things we’ve prepared for your arrival.


Join us in adventures by the lake

Mirabella is synonymous with being in good company. You can bring anyone you love to Zamárdi, be it your family, friends or even your pets. You won’t even have to leave your accommodation for an unforgettable shared experience. Just stick your nose out of your tent in the morning and take your time sipping your morning cup of coffee while gazing at the water. Or sit on the roomy patio of your very own mobile house and breathe in the fresh Lake Balaton air.


Zamárdi camping Balaton Mirabella Camping strand

Here comes the spring, and with it, the windsurfing and SUP craze

Water sport lovers flock to the opening of Zamárdi camping every year. The return of the windsurfers is the surest sign that the spring buzz at Mirabella is starting. You, too, can become part of this adventure, even in the off-season. You can hire a SUP or windsurfing board at the campsite, and can even sign up for lessons. Thanks to Windsurfing Centre you can obtain your windsurfing licence during your summer holiday. The passionate team of experts usually teach classes of 3 to 4 people.

As you are conquering the waves, the shared experiences will bring you closer to the others, and you can also meet other windsurfing enthusiasts at Mirabella.


Campsite tournaments

The atmosphere at the sports facilities at Mirabella is an organic part of the Zamárdi camping experience. We have foosball, a volley ball court and even a football pitch, and you keep coming up with great ideas to make the most of these places year after year. Sometimes it’s a relaxed, friendly game, at other times it’s a spontaneously organised tournament and at yet other times it’s a foosball match to the death.

Watching matches together in the evening is just as much as a part of the Zamárdi camping experience. These are memorable experiences that we like to think back to later, and can’t wait for the next time we can share great moments in sports history with each other while enjoying our cold drinks. Get ready to cheer on your favourite teams because the European Football Championship is starting in June 2024!


Bring your dog to Mirabella

This Zamárdi camping site is not just pet-friendly but a real community of animal lovers. Going on holiday without your four-legged friends would make you feel like you left something essential at home. Why leave your beloved dog in someone else’s care when you can bring them with you? All the other campers will agree with your decision. What’s more, Mirabella also operates Zamárdi’s only dog beach, where furry holiday-makers can join you for a splash in the water.

Your opinion matters to us, as we can only create something great together. For example, dogs used to find it difficult to use the steps to get into the water but, based on your feedback, we have now installed a ramp so four-legged guests can enter and leave the lake comfortably.


Zamárdi kemping Balaton Mirabella Camping strand

Zamárdi kemping Balaton Mirabella Camping strand


Improvements for the 2024 season

Mirabella endeavours to make everyone feel at home, and we take just as good care of our environment as we do at home. We are working on a number of improvements to update the campsite and bring you even more comfort. The results will speak for themselves, and we hope you will like them, too.


New improvements in and around the mobile houses

We are installing new shower doors, shower trays and toilets in several bathrooms, and even new front doors on some of the houses. We are putting in new tables in some of the kitchens, and mosquito nets will also be installed on the windows.

We are putting down beautiful new paving in many places to improve the overall look and make your walks even more pleasant, and we are also updating the walkways of SunCool houses.


The sky is blue and the grass is greener at the campsite

Zamárdi camping holidays will mean even more greenery this year, thanks to the hedges we’re planting around the EuroComfort houses. We are also making strides towards sustainability, thanks to the installation of a 40 kW solar panel system on the roof of sanitary blocks 1 and 3.


The time for frolicking is now!

Even a family holiday can be relaxing at Mirabella. You don’t have to get in your car when you get hungry. We have a restaurant, snack bars and a supermarket, all right on the campsite. Young holiday-makers can release all their pent-up energy after dinner at the superb playground, and all you will have to do is enjoy the moment. The playground is also being updated for the new season. We are levelling its floor to make using it even more fun.


Even more of what you love

We have fantastic news for you! We have added seven new mobile houses to our offer this year, bringing the total number to thirty. We know many of you love this accommodation option thanks to its unique atmosphere and fantastic level of comfort. Even a quick break in a heated mobile house during the off-seasons can feel like a proper summer holiday. We have noticed that the mobile houses are always snatched up quickly. We expect this will still be the case this year, so some of you may miss out, but the seven new houses mean seven new opportunities to get that great Zamárdi camping experience. Book your accommodation early while we have vacancies so you don’t miss out!