The best paw-sible holiday at Mirabella – Pets are welcome at this dog-friendly accommodation

Dec 4, 2023

The best paw-sible holiday at Mirabella – Pets are welcome at this dog-friendly accommodation

Dec 4, 2023

kutyabarát szállás Mirabella Camping Zamárdi Balaton

Why do we need dog-friendly accommodation?


Many Hungarians have pets

Research by the Legal, Analysis and Methodology Centre for Animal Welfare of the Hungarian University of Veterinary Medicine shows that keeping pets is increasingly popular in Hungary. One of the study’s more surprising conclusions is that the proportion of households with pets is higher in this country than in the rest of Europe. The figures show that dogs are the number one choice, with three of every four households with pets having at least one of man’s best friends. Dogs are followed by cats, with every second pet owner having a feline housemate.

The expert authors of the study draw attention to the importance of animal welfare considerations. With so many of us keeping pets, it’s very important that we take proper care of them.


Care and companionship

Supporting their physical wellbeing is a very important aspect of caring for our animals. This includes providing a proper diet, adequate exercise, vaccinations and any necessary cosmetic treatments. However, emotional care is just as important. Dogs and other pets are sentient beings that enjoy playing together as well as just being together and around us. Our four-legged friends thrive when they can spend time with us, whether cuddling on the sofa or splashing together in the water in the summer heat.

Pet owners are well aware of the importance of time spent together, and we often find it difficult to close the door behind us when we set off for work in the morning, leaving our four-legged friend alone at home. Most of us consider them more than simple animals: our furry little friends are members of the family. This is exactly why you shouldn’t leave them behind when going on holiday. But in order to have a proper holiday with your dog, you need to choose truly dog-friendly accommodation. You can only switch off completely if you know your pets are taken good care of.


We love animals at Mirabella Camping

The numbers clearly show that pets live in many Hungarian households, but if you want to take your four-legged friend on holiday, it is still difficult to find dog-friendly accommodation. Our pets are with us every day and cheer us up when we’re feeling low, get us to spend more time outdoors and give us the gift of countless pleasant emotions. So why let them miss out on the best moments of the year during a spring break or a summer adventure?

Mirabella Camping is a truly dog-friendly campsite, situated in Zamárdi, a town full of sight and experiences. Here, pets can enjoy a holiday with their owners in an environment that suits their needs completely. To our mind, being animal friendly means more than just allowing dogs on the campsite. At Mirabella, we pay special attention to their needs so that the shared holiday can be just as much of a fun experience for them as for you. We have everything you could possibly expect of dog-friendly accommodation, and we strive to continuously improve our doggie services every year in order to ensure more comfort for you and for them.


The ideal environment

Our spacious grounds are ideal for walking or playing with your dog, and we have installed litter bins to help you keep the campsite clean. Zamárdi’s only ring-fenced dog beach promises an authentic summer holiday experience you can share. The surrounding area also has a range of hiking spots and exciting things to discover where you can definitely take your dog with you.


dog-friendly accommodation Mirabella Camping Zamárdi Balaton

Dog beach

No trip to Lake Balaton would be complete without visiting the beach, but in most resorts you cannot share these experiences with your dog. There are not many places that allow your four-legged friend to join you on the beach, let alone where they can wade into the water with you and have a fun splash. In order to provide you with a full holiday experience, we opened a dog beach at the campsite in the 2023 season, so you can enjoy the water without having to leave your accommodation.


Pets are the stars of the campsite

Mirabella Camping offers more than just dog-friendly accommodation: it is a true community of animal lovers. We also welcome pets other than dogs, and they are always a huge hit among the campers. We have many regular guests at Mirabella who greet retuning pets like old friends, and we have also seen some real dog friendships blossom over the years. The owners can exchange experiences, tips and tricks and have a relaxing break lounging in the sun by Lake Balaton, enjoying the convenience services offered at the campsite and spend some quality time with their furry friends.


Dog-friendly accommodation – Mirabella Camping Zamárdi


How to book your dog-friendly accommodation?

Please note that the whole of Mirabella Camping is dog-friendly accommodation, which means that you can add up to three pets to your booking per unit of accommodation, whether you are staying in a tent, caravan or mobile house. In the case of mobile houses, we also take care of the deep-clean needed after the pets leave. The fee for this service is added to your total when you make the booking. Please make sure all of your pets have up-to-date vaccination logs and have them with you when you arrive.

To make a booking, just select your preferred accommodation type and dates. Your booking will be finalised and your place reserved for you as soon as you pay the deposit. You can use your debit or credit card to do so.

Once you’ve finished booking your accommodation, you can start preparing for a fantastic holiday. If you’d like to relax with your dog, it is well worth booking a spring break together. The weather at this time of the year is perfect for long walks and hikes, which your four-legged holiday companion is sure to enjoy more than anything!