Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi is ready for springtime adventures

Mar 12, 2024

Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi is ready for springtime adventures

Mar 12, 2024

Mirabella Camping Zamárdi Balaton

Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi is a great choice for a perfect off-season break. Starting from 19 April 2024, you can enjoy the sunshine and Lake Balaton in marvellous surroundings. The opening of the campsite kicks off camping season this year!

The off-season is a truly unique time of year. Everything is fresh and green, nature is waking up, leaves re-appear and a thousand fragrant flowers bloom. Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi is one of the most popular resorts on the southern shore, and it is no exaggeration that it is situated along the most beautiful beach around Lake Balaton. Spring is a special period here because this magical place is a lot calmer and more peaceful than in the peak season. On the other hand, all our services are up and running, ready to help you enjoy the late spring atmosphere in the utmost comfort. What’s more, all of this is available at lower off-season prices!

If you long for the peace that only staying in the heart of nature can provide, but you don’t want to compromise on comfort and high-quality amenities, then Mirabella Camping is the perfect place for you. Read on to find out more about spring near Lake Balaton and to get a taste of the carefree and lively atmosphere of camping in the off-season.


Wonderful views that will enchant you every day

There are probably no other resorts around Lake Balaton as fortunate as Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi. We have been blessed with truly breathtaking views. Your accommodation is situated right by the waterfront, and offers guests unparalleled views of the lake and the Tihany Peninsula opposite. In the spring, even the colours are different: the green of the hillside on the other side and the inimitable clear blue of the lake are even more striking at this time of the year. The views are truly enchanting, and help you quickly forget the stress of everyday life and enjoy perfect relaxation.


View from the beach at Mirabella Camping


Conquer the Tihany Peninsula

Mirabella Camping offers more than just picturesque views: it is also filled with potential for new experiences. Tihany is surprisingly easy to reach from Zamárdi. If you visit us in the spring, make sure you also explore the land across the lake. Use the regularly scheduled ferry service that leaves from neighbouring Szántód to reach Tihany. Whether you cross the lake on foot, by car or on your bike, you can conquer the peninsula easily. There is just one thing to remember: make sure to return to the campsite before darkness falls because Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi offers one of the best places to drink in the sunset over Lake Balaton.


Lower prices in the off-season

at Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi

Make the most of your time off

Camping season in the spring is for those who want to make the most of their time off work. Would you like to enjoy more than one holidays a year? Or do you just feel like a break from the stress of everyday life? Our lower off-season prices allow you to spend even more time at one of the most popular resorts around Lake Balaton, and to enjoy complete relaxation and comfort.

Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi provides modern and comfortable accommodation, including heated mobile houses to make your spring break even more pleasant. The campsite also boasts an excellent restaurant, snack bars, a grocery store, a café and a bar, so you really will find everything you could possibly need. What’s more, paying less for your accommodation means more money left over for whatever you’d like to spend it on. You can pamper yourself with extra services such as professional massage therapy, available right here at the campsite, as many times as you wish.


Variety and leisure by Lake Balaton

You have surely gathered by now that Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi is nothing like the old-fashioned campsites of the past. It offers beautiful surroundings, Lake Balaton on your doorstep, fantastic views and a range of amenities and leisure activities. Of course, the unique atmosphere owes just as much to the Mirabella community as to the fantastic natural features. Life is always fun here as the various groups of campers, friends, families and their pets share truly carefree moments by Lake Balaton.

The campsite has its own beach, so you can bask in the sun or have a dip in the water during the peak season. You can even try your hand a variety of water sports such as windsurfing and SUP.  But wait, there is more! Holidays by Lake Balaton at Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi offer so much more than just the beach. This is why we encourage you to embark on an off-season adventure and make the most of the wide range of options for active recreation that are on offer at the campsite.


Active recreation takes the front seat during a spring break


Explore fantastic nearby hiking spots

The area around the campsite is perfect for cycling and hiking. Make sure to visit the most beautiful hiking spots of Zamárdi, including Kőhegy Lookout and the breathtaking lavender fields of nearby Kőröshegy Lavender Farm. Spring is the season for the tulip harvest, which is guaranteed to be a great experience for all. Visit us on opening day and see the tulips in all their glory. You can even rent a bicycle right here at the campsite to make exploring the hidden treasures of the neighbouring area even easier.


Get moving right here at the campsite

If you want to shake yourself up a bit, Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi has just what you need. We have a range of sports facilities, so you can play football or volley ball with your friends, or even join a spontaneously launched tournament. After a well-fought match, why not enjoy a picnic on the beach or some outdoor cooking at one of the campsite’s charming fire pits. We also have table tennis, a superb playground and even a heated experience pool, so you won’t have to miss out on fun in the water when you visit us in the spring.


Book your accommodation simply, and enjoy off-season prices

If you don’t want to miss out on a spring break that offers adventures by Lake Balaton just like a summer holiday, bring your first break of the year forward and snatch up one of our heated mobile houses at an excellent price. Booking online could not be simpler, it only takes a few clicks, and your accommodation will be reserved for you as soon as you pay the deposit using your debit or credit card. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Places in the superb mobile houses are highly sought after during this period, and they go quickly. A great spring break awaits you at Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi!