Catering and restaurant in Zamárdi – The best places are buzzing even in the off-season

Jan 30, 2024

Catering and restaurant in Zamárdi – The best places are buzzing even in the off-season

Jan 30, 2024

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Zamárdi is Open for Business!

A superb initiative for those who enjoy holidays around the year

If you visit our town in the off-season, and want to find a good restaurant in Zamárdi, feel like just a quick bite, or even if you’re looking for something fun to do nearby, read on to get the answers to all your questions. The ‘Zamárdi is Open for Business’ initiative is for those who love life and are not limited by old stereotypes like the idea that a few weeks in the summer are the only time when you can enjoy a relaxing holiday. Zamárdi is definitely open in the off-season, and welcomes everyone who agrees with us that good food, fun activities and great holidays are well worth enjoying around the year.

Local catering businesses have set up a website that lets you peruse the offering of local culinary and other service providers. Click HERE to find a restaurant in Zamárdi that’s open, a place to enjoy a nice glass of rosé wine from the Lake Balaton region, or a fun leisure activity to try nearby.

The goal of this initiative is to demonstrate that it is summer in Zamárdi even in the off-season. Your favourite places are also open in the spring and in the autumn, and the atmosphere is just as amazing as during the peak season. The only difference is that the queues are much shorter in the off-season, you can enjoy much more freedom and have even more time set aside for relaxation because you will pay less for your accommodation at Mirabella Camping.


Looking for a good restaurant in Zamárdi?

Thanks to the ‘Zamárdi is Open for Business’ initiative, there is now a website you can use to check the opening hours of your favourite venues and the timings of events that are on. If you are looking for a good restaurant in Zamárdi, if you just want to find a delicious slice of pizza or if you want to find out what you can to in town for fun on any given day, visit the website for a comprehensive summary. This way, you will be able to find the best places and keep up to date on opening hours and what’s on even outside of the peak season.

If you are staying at Mirabella Camping and you like to keep comfortable, you won’t even have to go far for a delicious meal. Our culinary offering includes a fantastic restaurant, a classic beachside snack bar, a bar, a café and a supermarket, as well. So if you are looking for a good restaurant in Zamárdi, you just have to roll out of bed and you can find one right on your doorstep, right at the most beautiful spot by Lake Balaton.


Mirabella Camping, where every trip is a culinary adventure!

You are guaranteed to stay in comfort in one of our heated mobile houses even in the off-season. We also have a range of culinary options right on site, so you will definitely not be lacking for anything, and can start enjoying your waterside adventure from day one.


restaurant in Zamárdi Mirabella Camping Spájz Bisztró


Spájz Bistro – Many visitors’ favourite restaurant in Zamárdi

Spájz Bistro is an amazing restaurant in Zamárdi, located on our campsite. It offers home-cooked flavours presented in a contemporary style. Whether you feel like a light aubergine dip, heavenly stuffed cabbage or a Lake Balaton classic like fillet of pike perch, Spájz Bistro is guaranteed to tickle your palate. Round out your meal with an excellent local wine or pálinka. The wonderful sights of Lake Balaton you can enjoy while eating will make your culinary experience a truly special pleasure.

If you have any questions, get in touch with the Spájz Bistro team using the contact details below:

Telephone: +3630 1251101


restaurant in Zamárdi Mirabella Camping G+G abc


G+G supermarket

Isn’t it fantastic when the shop is literally around the corner so you can pop down in your slippers when you need something? There is a fully-stocked little supermarket at the campsite, offering a wide range of products. The owners, Gábor and Gabi know exactly what campers need. Visit them in the morning for some freshly-baked bakery products and freshly-brewed coffee. You will find everything on the shelves that you need for an authentic Lake Balaton holiday, including toys, beach equipment, gifts, cleaning products, household products, food, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, processed meats, sweets and, of course, cold drinks.


restaurant in Zamárdi Mirabella Camping Lángosellátó



Lángosellátó is a beach snack bar in the true Lake Balaton tradition, with all the classics on the menu that you want to enjoy while lounging by the water. You will definitely not leave on an empty stomach thanks to the wider range of pancakes, lángos, hamburgers, hot dogs and fish dishes on offer.

If you have any questions, get in touch directly.

Telephone: +36 30 9321 264



Jégbüfé offers the care and attention you would expect from home-cooked food, presented in a modern street food style. Here, you will find home-made hamburgers, salads, generously-sized sandwiches, cocktails, delicious wines and beers, and much, much more.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the below contact details to get in touch.

Telephone: +36209531727



The summer starts in the off-season in Zamárdi

It is no accident that catering businesses in Zamárdi are so busy during the off-season. There is something special in the air here, which attracts large numbers of guests from the time the first rays of the sun break through the clouds in the spring until the last minute of the autumn. The Mirabella Camping team does everything they possibly can to help you make the most of your holiday experience.

Our gates open on 19 April 2024, and the waterside adventures can begin, bringing a laid-back feeling reminiscent of the summer festivals, and many, many fantastic moments in the most beautiful spot around lake Balaton.


Get the best places with just a few clicks!

If you like the sound of a spring break with your family and friends (and don’t forget your pets, either!) then book quickly to secure your place. Mirabella has everything you may need for a perfectly relaxing holiday. Fantastic accommodation, Lake Balaton on your doorstep, sports facilities, games, fine drinks, bars, snack bars a supermarket, and if you are looking for a restaurant in Zamárdi, we have one of the best on site. Make sure not to miss out like so many others, though – our indoor accommodation options are snatched up very quickly!

You can book your accommodation online, simply by clicking HERE.